The Machine Federation brings knowledge and opportunities for people and organisations seeking future quality of life through Healthcare + AI solutions.

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Catalysing New Healthcare Solutions

The Machine Federation’s members seek to improve quality of life through access to a Healthcare + AI community and pathways to new solutions that positively impact individuals and organisations. The Machine Federation enables easy access to:

  • Actionable, in-the-moment content and learning
  • A community of health and technology specialists
  • Pathways to successful Healthcare + AI solutions



Connecting Expertise

The Machine Federation brings together years of industry intelligence so as to help members make significant and sustainable Healthcare impacts using AI.

  • Connect with Healthcare + AI leaders.
  • Discover insights from the leading worldwide sources of Healthcare + Artificial Intelligence.
  • Built AI solutions that combine public sector, enterprise, and entrepreneur competencies.



EXPERT Reviews

As a member of The Machine Federation I got support in building a healthcare AI solution. The community includes leading doctors and engineers needed to make these projects happen faster.
The initial advice and ongoing support received from the Machine Federation gave us the confidence to start an AI-Research project in the healthcare sector. We can highly recommend becoming a member; their expertise, passion and agility was a breath of fresh air.